What If?

By |2020-12-16T15:22:08-06:00December 16th, 2020|Devotion|

What if, when making choices for how you would celebrate the Christmas season of 2019, you knew that in four short months the world would literally go into quarantine? What if last year, you had known what 2020 would hold? Would you have gone to that party? Would you have made those cookies? Would you have gone caroling? Would you [...]

Somebody Built a Manger

By |2021-01-05T10:25:32-06:00November 29th, 2020|Devotion|

Let's take a few moments and ponder all the myriad things that had to be prepared before a presumably exhausted Mary and harried Joseph stepped into the little town of Bethlehem on the very first Christmas. Roman edicts went out. Families filled available inns. Shepherds spent their lives with the daily ritual of keeping watch over their sheep. Prophets recorded [...]

When Jesus Gave Thanks

By |2020-11-22T11:22:21-06:00November 22nd, 2020|Devotion|

If you were to list some attributes of Jesus, your list might look a bit like mine: Holy. Righteous. Merciful. Compassionate. Omnipotent. Powerful. Creator. Faithful. Good. In a recent study of Matthew, though, I saw an attribute of Jesus that I had never contemplated before: Thankful.   Thankful for God's Gracious Will After a time of teaching His disciples, Jesus [...]

They Don’t Have to Stick

By |2020-11-08T17:06:01-06:00November 8th, 2020|Devotion|

Uncharacteristic silence wafted from the car seat directly behind me as we drove. Constant words from my happy chatterbox slowed. Then she told me a story. Weeks before, she had been playing in the back yard with a little friend. Excitement led to boredom, then teasing. Where before they had been running around and between the posts of the porch, [...]

Places of Worship

By |2020-10-04T10:30:22-06:00October 4th, 2020|Devotion|

This summer, I taught at the Lamplighter Guild, a weeklong artistic pursuit for Jesus-loving artists. I was so glad to teach photography, and dive into documenting God at work in hearts and lives. (Check out the photography class’s awesome work!) It was a hands-on faith adventure, as my husband and I prayed through whether I should teach, whether I should travel, [...]

What’s in Your Trash Can?

By |2020-09-26T14:57:19-06:00September 23rd, 2020|Devotion|

My screen is taken over by the notification centered in the middle of the monitor: "Your startup disk is almost full. To make more space available on your startup disk, delete some files." Why? Because I’m using my trash can as another storage device by default. Here's what happens: I'm happily working away on my computer, writing or editing photos. [...]

Music Under Tension

By |2020-08-23T15:17:10-06:00August 22nd, 2020|Devotion|

My curious Kindergartener's fingers had just brushed the strings of a guitar. Instead of hearing sonorous sounds like the kind that stream from the speakers in our kitchen, an atrocious sound filled the air. *Thwump* "It sounds terrible! Why does it sound so bad?" For a guitar to make beautiful music, its strings have to be tight. When a musician [...]

Messages from the Master

By |2020-07-26T12:46:12-06:00July 26th, 2020|Devotion|

We love him so much more than C3-PO. Friendly, witty, helpful. He's the sidekick droid you always wanted. In fact, R2-D2 was the robotic ally for many of the heroes in the Star Wars universe. Han. Leah. Anakin. Luke. Obi-Wan Kenobi. Rey. Yoda. That chirping droid saw—and knew—everything. He carried messages, collected data, and navigated intergalactic conflict with resilient humor. [...]

Worry Is Wasted Energy

By |2020-07-09T05:56:13-06:00July 8th, 2020|Devotion|

The street light's yellow glow wafted through the window panes in the dark night. Surrounded by books, notes, scribbles and outlines, I was eight hours from the end of my last college semester. I wish I could tell you that I had responsibly mapped out my projects, planned out my papers, and scheduled out my time. But no—it was officially [...]

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