Aroma of Victory

Making small talk in the kitchen at church one Sunday, a young man told me he had camped out the night before. We commiserated about how the unexpected cold had surprised him and how he wrapped every layer he brought around him—jeans, a flannel, and a hammock—leaving him wishing for at least one more layer [...]

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An Eclipse on a Cloudy Day

With alarms set to go off at 5 am, I laid awake in bed, too excited to go back to sleep. Eclipse day! I'd read the books. I'd watched the documentaries. I'd refreshed the NASA website pages. But I'd never seen a Total Solar Eclipse. This was the day! My husband Peter and three [...]

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Superglued Memories

After the last ornaments were packed up mostly with care for another eleven months in the attic, after the snowflake plates were packaged and foisted up the ladder, only one thing remained to call Christmas cleanup "done." The porcelain nativity, one of my most precious Christmas possessions, would be placed in Styrofoam molds and [...]

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Listen for Christmas

Like the rest of the world, we're in the middle of Christmas over at the Presently Engaged Podcast!  Each short and friendly episode is just right for your walk around the block in the middle of a busy week or the drive to your family get-together. Here are three episodes I think you'll enjoy: #42: Somebody [...]

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For to Us

Remember inspecting the packages underneath the tree? You may not have been old enough to read, but you could recognize your own name. There it was: mixed in with other presents, was one wrapped just for you. And there was your name. You knew that on Christmas morning, you would open that present, and [...]

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Ask for Help

I've had this weird thing going on with my eye, and been putting off getting it looked at. At random times, most often in the evening, my left eye would feel like something was in it and be quite uncomfortable. Flushing with didn't help. Visually inspecting my eyeball didn't reveal a problem. My eye [...]

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The Question Habit

Asking questions and listening well can take every relationship deeper. Have an engagement tool for the next time awkward silence fills the air Discover the God-designed uniqueness of another person Help someone else process his or her thoughts and emotions Engage in new or sensitive situations in non-threatening, conversational ways Jump into your day [...]

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