Aroma of Victory

Making small talk in the kitchen at church one Sunday, a young man told me he had camped out the night before. We commiserated about how the unexpected cold had surprised him and how he wrapped every layer he brought around him—jeans, a flannel, and a hammock—leaving him wishing for at least one more layer [...]

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An Eclipse on a Cloudy Day

With alarms set to go off at 5 am, I laid awake in bed, too excited to go back to sleep. Eclipse day! I'd read the books. I'd watched the documentaries. I'd refreshed the NASA website pages. But I'd never seen a Total Solar Eclipse. This was the day! My husband Peter and three [...]

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#58 – Optimistic Sign Placement

There’s a dance that goes on in our neighborhood every weekend… One person stops at the corner, planting a sign promoting their open house. Another person can be seen taping up an offer for a website or yard work or a garage sale. Minutes or hours or days later, the neighborhood representative comes through with [...]

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