About Mandy Pallock

Mandy used to travel the world teaching photography and digital imaging classes with a Christian photography school. Now she’s settled in San Antonio with her happy little family, running her own photography business and helping run the Life Purpose Planning organization. She writes and shares and drinks coffee, not necessarily in that order. Mandy’s goal is to live purposefully and passionately through each phase of life. She passionately believes people who understand and live out their God-given purposes will change the world.

Music Is Meditation

It's hard to pinpoint who first declared, "Music is food for the soul." Perhaps Arthur Schopenhauer first stated it, over 200 years ago. Perhaps Plato inspired the sentiment when he penned "Music is medicine for the soul." Regardless, each sentiment gives voice to the power of music. Music is food for the soul. This statement [...]

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Variations on a Thought: Meditation

When you hear this tune, what words first come to mind? Do you hum "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"? Do you sing "The Alphabet Song"? Do you think, "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep"? Many songs in many languages have used this familiar melody throughout the centuries. In an officially patented Pallock Poll, we all associate it with [...]

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HIIT Prayer

The water bottle always goes into the left cup holder. The sweat towel always goes on the right hand side. The speed and incline buttons are accessible, ready to spin the belt speed and incline up or down depending on the desired settings. These indicators tell my brain and body: it’s time for another HIIT [...]

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Power to the Introverts

Have you ever wondered how to tell the difference between an introverted programmer and an extroverted programmer? They say that an introverted programmer stares at their shoes while they talk. But an extroverted one stares at your shoes when they talk to you. buh-dum-chhh   Joking aside, though, the best indicator between introverts and extroverts [...]

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