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Mandy used to travel the world teaching photography and digital imaging classes with a Christian photography school. Now she’s settled in San Antonio with her happy little family, running her own photography business and helping run the Life Purpose Planning organization. She writes and shares and drinks coffee, not necessarily in that order. Mandy’s goal is to live purposefully and passionately through each phase of life. She passionately believes people who understand and live out their God-given purposes will change the world.

When Jesus Says “Come”

If Peter had tried to walk on water by himself at any point, he would have sunk to the lowest depths every time. The only things he would have gained from that adventure would have been wet clothes or a swimming lesson. Let’s look closer at Peter’s point of decision: “But when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, [...]

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Not What You Wear

The blue and yellow sticker on the MacBook Pro across the coffee shop. The tiny elephant tattoo perched on an ankle at a neighboring table. Spectacles and scarf. The Catcher in the Rye. Journal. Latte. Laptop. And then there's the realization that I noticed the laptop's return, time after time, not the person holding it. The awareness that I noticed [...]

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Pray Before You Ask

Lines. Queues. Even in an era of two-day shipping, curbside pickup, and porch delivery, we still find ourselves waiting in the necessary line more often than we would like, don't we? Here's one small change you can make the next time you find yourself waiting in line: As you work toward the register, start praying for the cashier or employee [...]

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Power to the Introverts

Have you ever wondered how to tell the difference between an introverted programmer and an extroverted programmer? They say that an introverted programmer stares at their shoes while they talk. But an extroverted one stares at your shoes when they talk to you. buh-dum-chhh   Joking aside, though, the best indicator between introverts and extroverts is not how they act [...]

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Three Things That Overcome Fear

Any chance you are afraid? Any chance you have had a wave of fear wash over you this morning, this week? Any chance you've been thinking about your loved ones, the high risk, the exposed a bit more than usual? Any chance you're a caregiver or essential worker just tired of it all? Or is there a chance that you're [...]

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Best Books of 2021

In no particular order, here are the best books I read this year in Mandy-determined categories:   Best History Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President by Candice Millard Best Memoir Everything Sad Is Untrue by Daniel Nayeri Best Fiction Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry Runner Up Gilead by Marilynne Robinson Best Hard-But-Necessary Medical [...]

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Finding Good

Tears filled my little person’s eyes. To her extreme delight, her friend from school had invited her to his birthday party at a trampoline park. And to her extreme anticipation, her cousin had invited her to a mermaid birthday party at her house. To her extreme chagrin, both unmissable events were scheduled for the same afternoon. “But Momma," she cried, [...]

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You Will Never Go to Mars

I live in a family of space nerds. Not the STEM-drinking, pocket-protector-wearing, can't-imagine-doing-anything-else kind of space nerds. Not that kind of space nerd. We're the kind that buy NASA t-shirts for stocking stuffers, follow SpaceX tests and launches,  and watch all the documentaries and movies portraying the Space Race. Books on the shelf range from My First Space Book to [...]

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