Somebody Built a Manger

Let's take a few moments and ponder all the myriad things that had to be prepared before a presumably exhausted Mary and harried Joseph stepped into the little town of Bethlehem on the very first Christmas. Roman edicts went out. Families filled available inns. Shepherds spent their lives with the daily ritual of keeping watch [...]

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When Jesus Gave Thanks

If you were to list some attributes of Jesus, your list might look a bit like mine: Holy. Righteous. Merciful. Compassionate. Omnipotent. Powerful. Creator. Faithful. Good. In a recent study of Matthew, though, I saw an attribute of Jesus that I had never contemplated before: Thankful.   Thankful for God's Gracious Will After a time [...]

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They Don’t Have to Stick

Uncharacteristic silence wafted from the car seat directly behind me as we drove. Constant words from my happy chatterbox slowed. Then she told me a story. Weeks before, she had been playing in the back yard with a little friend. Excitement led to boredom, then teasing. Where before they had been running around and between [...]

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