#52 – The Spiritual Side of the Eyelash Curler

Are you blessed with strong memories? Are you confounded with haunting recollections?  If two things are connected in your mind, then one can act as a trigger for the other. Episode 52 of Presently Engaged with Mandy Pallock encourages us to hang a prayer on your experience.

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#50 – Resurrection Monday

As believers, we talk about Easter Sunday, and rightfully so. We celebrate Christ’s resurrection, His death and life, and the amazing, life-altering truth that Christ has paid the penalty for our sin. Hallelujah! And then the sun comes up on the day after Easter. Easter Monday. What does it mean? What difference does it make? In the light [...]

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#46 – Gifts of the Magi

We’ve made it through the explosion of Christmas festivities, the delight and joy of celebrating the Savior of the world, the happy haze of the week after Christmas and all the leftovers and sweatpants and snuggles and memories. And now we’re off to a new year! Have you found the just-right place for those presents [...]

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