Perhaps it’s the nature of a European cathedral, of entering the Catholic world with a Protestant’s clothes, but I always feel like I’m interrupting—like I’m getting away with something. Opaque stain glass windows of diminutive size filter any light that may be trying to peek through the clouds. A cloudy day magnifies this effect.


The beauty of a European cathedral is stunning, overwhelming, beautiful. The craftsmanship of a bygone era leaves me speechless every time. Even without the religious overtones that accompany walking past and in to St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Vienna) or St. Mark’s Cathedral (Venice) or the Hagia Sophia (Istanbul), the soaring architecture and design is almost a religion to itself.


But then I discovered a photographic technique that changed how I feel about cathedrals.

Listen to Episode 55 of Presently Engaged with Mandy Pallock, and see if it changes how you feel too.