Dew in the Desert

Trudging through the endless sand, they searched for food. Every bite they took reminded them that there was one less morsel for their next meal. Knowing dads and moms, many went with less so their children could have what they needed. Fathers glanced at mothers. Mothers watched their children in concern. Their daily food dwindled. Supply sacks grew far too [...]

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Seeing Rainbows

I’m sure it’s happened to you, too…you’re walking or driving along, eyes on the road, and someone declares: “Look! A rainbow!” If someone hadn’t called out, you might have passed by without recognizing the beauty before you. Caught up in the cares of the moment, you needed someone else to point it out to you. A rainbow occurs when light [...]

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Who Gets the Leftovers?

I walked by our refrigerator to see blue painter’s tape swathed around the entire thing. Words festooned the front, written in an anonymous yet recognizable hand: "Leftovers are bad!" "Destroy leftovers!" "Nasty, ancient, dangerous food!" "Time to change the world!" So now I think I know how a certain 9-year-old feels about leftovers. This event created much hilarity across the [...]

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Beautiful Ruins

Even ruins are beautiful. We visit them with excitement, we care for them with respect. Entire trips are organized around the idea of visiting specific moments in history reflected by the building or mosaic or wall that remains. The crumbling walls and weathered foundations give evidence of life, of innovation, of purpose, and of vision from long ago. People walked [...]

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Snow in San Antonio

One Monday morning in February, we woke up to a winter wonderland. A cold snap caught the South in its clutches and we all hunkered down. For six days, San Antonio shivered through rolling blackouts, complete electricity outages, and no water. Before the cold weather arrived, we spent the weekend insulating pipes, wrapping faucets, and preparing for a couple days [...]

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Optimistic Sign Placement

There’s a dance that goes on in our neighborhood every weekend… One person stops at the corner, planting a sign promoting their open house. Another person can be seen taping up an offer for a website or yard work or a garage sale. Minutes or hours or days later, the neighborhood representative comes through with clippers and gloves, cutting down [...]

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Right Now Is the Best Time

You would have recognized the signs, too. He avoided eye contact, guiltily looking away when I tried to engage with him. He slunk to his room rather than staying with me. His hand went to his pocket, caressing something secret and forbidden. He was definitely avoiding me. I asked him, "Dear, is there something you need to tell me?" You [...]

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Looking for Jesus

After the shepherds went back to their flocks, after the last reverberations of the song of the angels faded away, after Mary and Joseph removed their precious cargo from the manger and found the next place that they would call home, after Anna began to tell all who would listen that their redemption was near: curious visitors arrived looking for [...]

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