Power to the Introverts

Have you ever wondered how to tell the difference between an introverted programmer and an extroverted programmer? They say that an introverted programmer stares at their shoes while they talk. But an extroverted one stares at your shoes when they talk to you. buh-dum-chhh   Joking aside, though, the best indicator between introverts and extroverts [...]

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Finding Good

Tears filled my little person’s eyes. To her extreme delight, her friend from school had invited her to his birthday party at a trampoline park. And to her extreme anticipation, her cousin had invited her to a mermaid birthday party at her house. To her extreme chagrin, both unmissable events were scheduled for the same [...]

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You Will Never Go to Mars

I live in a family of space nerds. Not the STEM-drinking, pocket-protector-wearing, can't-imagine-doing-anything-else kind of space nerds. Not that kind of space nerd. We're the kind that buy NASA t-shirts for stocking stuffers, follow SpaceX tests and launches,  and watch all the documentaries and movies portraying the Space Race. Books on the shelf range from [...]

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