We love him so much more than C3-PO.

Friendly, witty, helpful. He’s the sidekick droid you always wanted.
In fact, R2-D2 was the robotic ally for many of the heroes in the Star Wars universe.

Han. Leah. Anakin. Luke. Obi-Wan Kenobi. Rey. Yoda.

That chirping droid saw—and knew—everything. He carried messages, collected data, and navigated intergalactic conflict with resilient humor.

He knew that Darth Vader was, indeed, Luke’s father. Knew Anakin’s backstory. Knew that Lando probably couldn’t be trusted. Knew who Yoda was, and that he was a great Jedi.

Why didn’t he say anything? Why didn’t he tell?

This is the part where I reveal that the Nerd is strong in my family, but you probably knew that already. There are, of course, fan theories and explanations for these questions. But they seem superficial, designed to cover up either a major plot hole or a beloved character who might have failed in the thing that would have made him the most effective: telling the truth that he knows.

And we, as believers—what do we know?

We know of the hope that lies within us.
We know the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
We know that Jesus has made a way for each person to be made righteous through His sacrifice.
We know that we are loved with an everlasting love, by an everlasting Savior.
We know how the story ends.

What’s stopping us from saying something?

Imagine that you and I were going to be in eternity-impacting conversations today. (Spoiler alert: we are.) What truth has God given us? What truth from His Word can we share with those God brings into our lives? Far more important than unlocking a bunker door under Stormtrooper fire or navigating an interstellar firefight is sharing the truth that we know of the God that we love.


God’s purpose for my life was that I have a passion for God’s glory and that I have a passion for my joy in that glory, and that these two are one passion.

—Jonathan Edwards



Image by gromit15 from Pixabay