Lines. Queues. Even in an era of two-day shipping, curbside pickup, and porch delivery, we still find ourselves waiting in the necessary line more often than we would like, don’t we?

Here’s one small change you can make the next time you find yourself waiting in line: As you work toward the register, start praying for the cashier or employee assisting people.

Rather than scrolling a feed or checking the news, pray. As you make your way down the line, pray. Pray that God would prepare that person’s heart for a short conversation. Pray that you would have Spirit-inspired words for encouragement, strengthening, and comfort. Pray that you would have a moment to ask, listen, and share.

And if you’re looking for short conversation starters, here are three great options:

  • Ask about their day: “What is the best thing that has happened to you in the past 24 hours?” “What are you most looking forward to in the next 48 hours?”
  • Ask about their history: “Where did you go to High School?” Pause for them to reply, and then inquire: “Home of the fighting…” Wait for them to reply with their school mascot, and see if that keeps the conversation going. Ask about their name: “What does your name mean?”
  • Ask about something random: “Do you dream in color or black and white?” “What is the story behind your tattoo there?” “What’s the most surprising thing you have done lately?”

And if you have time to take it deeper:

“Hey! I love to pray for people. Is there some specific way I can pray for you?”


You just might be surprised how simple questions asked with a prayerful heart can open conversation and start building relationships.