Half off! Buy one, get one free! Save $49!

We all love a good deal. Coupons entice us to step into a store, try something new, or go out of our way to purchase an item.

The value of a coupon is not in the paper it is printed on or the bits and bytes that display it. A coupon’s value is found in the power of the person or business offering it to fulfill the terms of the deal. When ready to buy, a shopper exchanges a piece of paper for a much higher value—the actual item the coupon represents. The salesperson marks the coupon as redeemed.



Do you ever feel like you’re in a holding pattern? That maybe your life is wasted? That you’re not making a difference right here, right now?

This year marks the first year in seven that I’m not carrying a diaper bag around wherever I go. We’re coming from a time of interrupted nights and full days to the next stage of parenting. (This stage has interrupted nights and full days too, but they can peel their own bananas.)

When in the daily-ness of personal commitments, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture—to forget that the 24 hours of this day are a faithful response to divine calling and direction, with all its task lists and urgencies.

For such a time as this, I humbly recommend Psalm 34. Scripture gives us a glimpse into the circumstances of this psalm’s writing: David tried to find refuge from Saul’s threats in the enemy town of Gath, and applied to Abimelech for asylum. Once there, however, he found himself surrounded by enemies. In response, David pretended to actually be crazy—the future king clawed at the doors and let spit and drool run down his beard. This is desperation.

After this humiliating time, David wrote Psalm 34, an acrostic poem of praise and prayer. Each verse begins with a successive letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The climax of the passage arrives in the last verse, and it is a promise that I have breathed many times while doing my normal:

The Lord redeems the life of his servants; none of those who take refuge in him will be condemned. (Psalm 34:22)

God is in the redemption business. He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ (Philippians 1:6). We live in gratitude of God’s eternal redemption through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. We live in confidence of His past redemption, where our sins are covered by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of our testimony shares truth and hope. We live in trust of His daily redemption of our daily decisions and everyday obligations. We live in hope of His future redemption, knowing that He sees the big picture and is working all things for our good and for His glory.

God’s redemption record is impeccable: “He delivered us from such a deadly peril, and he will deliver us. On him we have set our hope that he will deliver us again.” (2 Corinthians 1:10)

This truth is meant to be sung: The Lord will rescue His servant. He will redeem.

Spend time with your Savior. Read the book. Snuggle on the couch. Take your kiddo out for a heart-to-heart chat and a bike ride. Hold your spouse’s hand. Call that person God has placed on your heart. Faithfully clock in and faithfully clock out. Ask God to include you in the work that He is doing today around you. None who take refuge in Him will be condemned or desolate.

The value of the coupon labeled Psalm 34:22 is found in the power of the issuer to fulfill it. Christ Himself backs the deal. This coupon has no expiration date! The Lord works from outside of time to expand and deepen your ministry right where He has placed you. Sing David’s song today and this week: those who take refuge in Him are marked as redeemed.



“Remember this, had any other condition been better for you than the one in which you are, divine love would have put you there.” —Charles Spurgeon